Wagers USA - Top Online US Sportsbooks in 2017

Wagers USA features a list of U.S. sportsbooks online in 2014. The five largest and most popular USA online wagering sites are listed here. WagersUSA also offers free sports wagers at these online betting sites, sports books, bookies and bookmakers in 2014.


wagers USA - Online wagering sites accepting USA citizens in 2014

bet at home online usa 2014Last updated on November 25th, 2017 - Internet wagering sites for Americans enable you to bet on dozens of different sports. There are also dozens of different types of wager you can make. There are moneyline wagers, pointspread wagers, over/under wagers, prop wagers, parlay wagers and many others like teaser wagers. In total, the USA wagers billions of dollars on NFL football alone. NCAA college sports wagering is also very popular. Baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, boxing, tennis and countless other sports are bet on for real money by Americans in 2014. There are also many obscure sports like darts and MMA available. The largest U.S. wagering sites like Bovada.lv even allow users to bet on things like who will win an Emmy or who will be voted off next on your favorite reality TV show. Political betting is also popular. A new innovation that was pioneered at USA friendly sportsbooks called live inplay wagering has created a completely new way to bet online on USA sports. Live betting sites like Bovada, Betonline and CarbonSports allow you to place wagers in real time while you watch the game or match. Instead of betting on an outcome of a game you can bet if the Detroit Lions will get a first down or if they will make their next field goal. In-play wagering is fast-paced and can be very profitable to those who are good at predicting things like this, such as very knowledgable football fans. The USA wagers on virtually everything and these top five US sports books are where 9 out of 10 American bets are placed in 2014. Use our link to visit these USA online sportsbooks in 2014 and you will receive big bonuses and freesportsbets , along with other incentives.

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online betting advice - tips for sports betting online at U.S.A sportbooks in 2014

There is no surefire way of beating the odds and making a living on Internet sports betting in the USA alone, but there are a couple of things that players can do to maximize their chances. Sports bettors have always been trying to beat the house, even though they know that the odds are never in their favor and that on the long term the house always wins. Betting over the Internet is the first step towards successful gambling, and this Internet betting advice can help you increase your profit margin. There are many US wagering websites online in 2014 but my top tip is to choose 2 or 3 and stick with them. You can shop for the best US sportsbook lines and payouts in 2014 between these 2-3 books and end up winning 10-20% more.

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finding the best odds and lines at US sportsbooks - get the most out of your wagers by comparing lines

One thing that sports bettors need to understand from the very beginning is that if they bet on the favorites, they are guaranteed to lose. Experiments have been made on short and long periods of time and the conclusion is that the odds given to favorites are simply too short for these wagers to be successful. Doing the exact opposite and backing the underdogs is just as ineffective, so a middle ground needs to be found. You will need experience to distinguish between odds that are slightly higher than what they should be, but if this is your top priority you will succeed sooner rather than later. By constantly betting on teams that are overpriced even if you don’t necessarily expect them to win, you have a better chance of staying profitable. This is perhaps the online wagering strategy most overlooked and less understood.

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american wagering sites reward loyal customers - get more sportsbook bonuses, free bets and perks

American online sports bettors are tempted to fall for first deposit bonuses and promotions and turn a blind eye to alarm flags. Think of your sportsbooks as long-term partners and choose them in such a way that the odds of being disappointed on the long run are reduced. Team up with those that have been around for a while and have a solid reputation, while steering clear of those against which many complaints have been issued and are yet to be resolved.

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It is important for the U.S. sportsbook to have a loyalty program, so if you end up spinning a lot of money, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Take this online betting tips piece to the bank, as those bookies that ignore loyal members are not worth giving a chance. Even if the rewards are not extraordinary, every little bit counts in this highly competitive industry.

online sports wagering in the USA - sports betting bankroll management tips

Even if you are good at what you’re doing ,you will face many obstacles in this line of work and in the absence of proper sportsbook bankroll management everything will be lost. Betting more than you can afford to lose or falling for apparently big odds is one way of going bankrupt, so exercise prudence. The less traveled paths are less traveled for a reason and when something seems too good to be true it probably is. Don’t bet on strange markets and don’t assume that double-digit odds are going to work out on the long run, because this type of betting is disastrous for the bankroll. Sports wagering bankroll management is not just about betting within your means, it is also about quitting and cashing out when you reach your goal. Wagers U.S.A. will be updated often with new USA online sportsbooks, free bet offers and sports betting site bonuses in 2014 so come back here often.